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if anyone is at Anime North (pretty sure that’s the con) and can get a business card of the people who are selling HS panel rips, it would be much appreciated, thank you

Wow.. that is horrible.

Also, don’t buy any of this HS ripoff merch! It would be good to take your hard earned boondollars to the official store where you can buy top quality goodies AND directly support the comic! 

Yes, please support the hardworking folks of MSPA/What Pumpkin?, and help out Rachel if you can!  =]

Signal boost! If anyone is attending this convention (or can get in touch with a friend who is there), keep your eyes peeled for this booth! Most fans have been incredibly respectful of Andrew’s request that fan-made Homestuck products not be sold with the exception of private art commissions, but this is apparently official panels from the webcomic itself, blown up and printed on merchandise. Not only is this absolutely and irrefutably against the law, but it is disrespectful and a downright disgusting business practice.

If it isn’t an official What Pumpkin? table, or the official What Pumpkin? website, it’s not official Homestuck/MSPA merchandise so please don’t support the vendor who sells it! If you have any information on this or other such vendors, please contact Rachel (softowl). She is an official representative of MSPA and What Pumpkin?. You don’t have to confront them on their behalf. In fact, I think Rachel and Andrew would strongly discourage that! Just get what information you can (a company name, a business card) and pass it along.

Thank you <3

as usual, Lexxy nails it.

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    Future referenceeee. Ahh, man. There actually were people selling HS that weekend, sadly. :/
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    I actually interrogated and then reported these people to the con staff. Unfortunately, con staff this year were very…....
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    Really, I just came in from my second full day and I am happy I seen a lot of the free HS stuff around. I never seen...
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    Hmmm… I don’t recall seeing any panel rips in the artists alley or anywhere else in the con. But I do remember seeing...
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    mike, alex, do me a favor while y’all are up at anime north and grab one of those cards if you see them!
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