Season’s greetings♥

Season’s greetings

leeyodin said: Hello, Hamlet-sama. Happy Halloween!! I know this but may I ask what kind of relationship Machine and the girl have? just asking. sorry if i'm bothering you. More power to your comic! and your drawing of vampire!Abel and Cain is soo awesome (Cain's face is so cute~)

I hope you had a good Halloween!

Haha, no worries! I haven’t been able to work on this comic in a while.. as much as I wish I had time to! Hopefully I can explain their relationship dynamic a bit more once I start drawing for it again, but in the meantime:

Basically, the Girl sees the Machine as this COOL dark prince of a friend. The Machine quite literally drops into her life, injured from a previous fight:


After some initial hesitation, the Girl takes a risk and decides to take the Machine home. During this time, the Machine is in a comatose state of repair and the Girl dotes on her/becomes attached to the Machine.


In this way, the Girl formulates an idealistic version of the Machine as a heroic friend and not the weirdo headhunter she actually is. She’s not scared of the Machine, even scolds/tutors her at times, although she does have some idea that the Machine just might do some bad things when they’re not together? She’d rather squash those fears then lose her playmate, though!

From the Machine’s perspective, this is all very new and distracting. She recognizes that the Girl saved her and does have a curious interest in her.. although her desire to spend time with the Girl/developing sense of self is in direct conflict with her programming. 

While the Girl seems to be mostly confusing at first, she quickly becomes a source of guidance and trust for the Machine. Ultimately, she becomes precious to her and the Machine does assume “protector” status. Likewise, the Girl’s more novel interest in the Machine transforms into that of a true friend. 

I do love the idea of them reconnecting years later, when the Girl has grown up, and becoming a couple. That’s my Good Ending for them.

Ah, but this story seems to be in a constant state of flux and I like to play around with it, so please forgive me if any of this changes in the actual comic. 


I hope that clarifies their relationship a bit, thank you for asking! I’m glad you liked the Halloween drawing!

(Lyrics by Inspectah Deck)

(Lyrics by Inspectah Deck)